2010-2011 FAN Program Brochure

The Financial Advisor Network Program (FAN Program) is a strategic initiative which provides value-added business services to accountants, lawyers and consultants and their clients.  It is a professional team-based program which integrates corporate and personal applications within a tax-structured wealth management approach.  It is the first independent province-wide initiative of its kind designed to help independent advisors add value to their clients.

Who should participate?
Accountants:  CAs. CGAs, CMAs and Tax Preparers in Public Practice and Industry or Commerce
Lawyers: General, Wills and Estates, Corporate, Family, Trust and Charitable Giving
Consultants: Financial, Planned Giving and Management

Why participate?
There has been a steady evolution of business practice within the accounting and financial services industries.  Most international, national and regional accounting firms are performing Management Consulting Services and offering Financial Planning Services to their clients.  The advancement of technology is accelerating the pace of change, and practitioners are being forced to chose between generalization and specialization.  Increasing client expectations, driven by the accessibility of information and delivery services over the internet, is forcing advisors to find new ways to continue to meet expectations and add value to their client relationships.  Protection of the client base and development of new revenue streams in the future is now a function of building strategic alliances and value-added business partnerships that can leverage the existing trust and value perceptions of the client.

Advantages of Participation
The FAN Program offers advisors an affordable opportunity for PD credits.  It offers immediate access at no capital or overheard cost to strong technical resources to add value to existing and new client relationships.  It enables the advisor to transfer professional liability to specialists who are current in all of the legislative and planning aspects.  These provide a clear differentiation and competitive advantage, and have a strong revenue potential. 


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